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ETA Certification

The Light Brigade offers independent certification through the Electronics Technicians Association (ETA). ETA-certified technicians are professionally recognized as having the knowledge and skills to meet international de facto electronics industry standards. ETA certification fee is valid for four years.

Certification is optional and not a course requirement. If you intend to take the certification, please make this request when you register. Testing is performed during the last two hours of class, and there is a $150 certification fee.

  • The ETA Fiber Optics Technician—Inside Plant (FOT-ISP) certification is designed for those installing, terminating, testing, and/or troubleshooting fiber optic communication systems used in premises, LANs, enterprise and data center installations. FOT-ISP certification is available after successfully completing the Fiber Optics for Enterprise Networks course and passing the FOT-ISP certification exam.
  • The ETA Fiber to Any Antenna (FTAA) certification is designed for those who install, test, and maintain fiber optic communication systems for OSP and onsite antenna applications. ETA FTAA certification is available after successfully completing the four-day Fiber Optics for Wireless training course, and passing the FTAA certification exam.

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