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Fiber To The Home: The New Empowerment

Fiber To The Home: The New Empowerment
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Fiber to the Home: The New Empowerment is a comprehensive examination of the technical and social implications of FTTx, the technology that extends the current fiber optic backbone to optically connect it directly to homes and offices. This book addresses the payoffs expected from this impending technological revolution; provides a detailed guide to the optoelectronic components and architectures of which the system is made; and includes an equally thorough guide to the mechanics of deploying the fiber paths, whether underground or elevated. The book concludes with a recent country-by-country survey of the legalities and the state of play in this important new trend.

The author points out how completing the "last mile" between today's fiber network backbone and customer premises will not only unleash new usage modes for consumer computers, TVs, phones, and other terminal types, but will also empower both the computer and telecommunication industries toward new levels of investment and profitability.

Aimed at a general audience, the book uses essentially no mathematics, and all terms are carefully explained and reinforced with a vocabulary quiz at the end of each chapter. Because of the tutorial emphasis of the explanations, the wide spectrum of readers affected by this emerging and ever-accelerating revolution will gain a thorough understanding of the technical details of FTTx that will aid them in the practice of their professions.

The Author

Paul E. Green, Jr. has been a leader in various branches of radiophysics and communications, contributing planetary range-doppler mapping, the first operational spread spectrum system, and the first commercial wavelength division multiplex product, among other advances. He is a retired director of optical networking at Tellabs, as well as a former senior manager in the Computer Science Department at IBM Research Division. Dr. Green is also the author of the critically-acclaimed book Fiber Optic Networks.

Published in 2006