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Staff Training DVDs

When classroom training is not an option, the Light Brigade has created twelve professional quality DVDs that together, offer the equivalent of 20 hours of classroom training. The Light Brigade’s Staff Development series of menu-driven DVDs incorporate high-quality video clips, animations and graphics to enhance the learning experience. Individually, they can also be used as refresher training on key fiber topics or provide more focus on a specific area of concern.

High Quality Production

  • Produced by Light Brigade and filmed by professional cinematographers

  • On-site location shots show how fiber is used in the real world

  • Close up filming lets you see things that would be difficult to demonstrate in a classroom

  • High quality graphics and animations


  • A DVD can be viewed repeatedly

  • Our materials not only teach the proper fiber techniques and disciplines but also provide the practical theory and application of the various topics

  • DVDs allow for more content, user flexibility and bonus materials

  • Note: All DVDs are "single viewer only" copies. Licensing agreements are required for group or classroom use. Please contact us for details

Over the past few years, The Light Brigade staff have used its extensive experience in training and education to develop individual DVDs that focus on fiber-optic disciplines and related products. These menu-selectable DVDs allow an instructor to tailor the course and subject matter to a specific audience, as applicable. In addition, each DVD includes added bonus materials such as instructor and student quizzes.

To view and purchase individual DVD in the Set, click on the link below.