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You can’t strip off a fiber’s cladding? / March 2018

In glass optical fibers, the core and cladding are actually two layers of one solid, inseparable, piece of glass. Each layer has its own distinct optical properties, and both are critical in order for light to travel through the fiber. The light is transmitted through the core by continuously reflecting off of the cladding through a principle known as “total internal reflection.” Without the cladding layer, all of the light would escape rather than travel further down the fiber.

The first televised broadcast using fiber optics was at the Winter Olympics? / February 2018

Broadcasters for the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York, originally had coaxial cables installed to televise their coverage, and multimode fiber was installed at the last minute to serve as a backup video feed. However, the fiber transmission was so reliable and high quality, it soon took over as the primary video feed for the entire Olympics broadcast.

That in 2017, the most common cause of fiber network failures or trouble calls is still dirty or damaged connectors? / January 2018

Industry experts have been talking about this for years. There are many great products available that will keep your connectors clean and your losses low. Whether you use sticks or ‘one-clicks’, cassettes, wipes, dry or wet cleaners – be sure they are designed specifically for fiber optic use. Clean and inspect before you connect!

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