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Worldwide Partners

Light Brigade partners with leading distributors and training institutions around the world to provide certified training opportunities to their communities. Authorized partnerships ensure that the technical knowledge and teaching expertise needed to deliver training at the highest standards are available across the globe.

North America

United States

BAON Enterprises (Authorized Reseller)

Next Level Technician (Specialty Programs)
Contact: info@nextleveltechnician.com
Website: www.nextleveltechnician.com


South Africa

TransAfrican Fibre Services (Authorized Training Partner)
Phone: 082 654 1199
Justin Hartley
Unit 3, 37 Killarney Avenue, Killarney Gardens, 7441
PO Box 50242, West Beach, 7449, Cape Town, South Africa
Contact: justin@transafrican.co.za



Nest Institute of Fiber Optic Technology (Authorized Training Partner)
Phone: +91 854 729 3217
Contact: Raghunath.tn@nestgroup.net

South East Asia

Fujikura Asia Limited (Authorized Reseller)
Phone: +65 6370 2238
Contact: louislee@fal.com.sg


HT&T Communications Group Co., Limited (Authorized Reseller)
Phone: +66 8457 09669, +66 8761 96996
Contact: Rajhaniran.P@httgroup.asia

Central America and Caribbean

Glenn International (Authorized Reseller)
Phone: +1 787 757 6000
Contact: info@glenninternational.com


Confiatrade (Authorized Reseller)
Phone: +52 81 8191 9235
Contact: mbenitez@ct-optics.com

Middle East


Oman Fiber Optics (Authorized Training Partner)
Mahfoudha Mubarak Juma Al Araimi
Phone: +968 2444 1521
Contact: Mahfoudha.Araimi@omanfiber.com

Saudi Arabia

Bright Wires Company Limited (Authorized Training Partner)
Hamza Tamzouk
Phone: 966 112 176 265 –Ext: 264
Contact: Hamza.t@brightwires.com.sa

United Arab Emirates

Lantern Electricals (Authorized Training Partner)
Sandeep Desai
Phone: (971) 4 267 4540
Contact: sandeep.desai@lanternelectricals.com