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Emergency Restoration


An outage can cost thousands of dollars every hour the system is down — so it is critical to have a recovery program already in place for when problems do occur. Well-trained staff who are able to handle the emergency in a timely and cost-effective manner are an integral part of any restoration plan. This two-day instructor-led course focuses on fault location, troubleshooting, and test equipment with a heavy emphasis on hands-on skills training that simulates actual field restorations for both retrievable and non-retrievable slack scenarios. After attending this class, you will have the tools and skills necessary for your organization to better deal with outages.

Course Level - Intermediate

This course requires basic knowledge of fiber optic theory and terminology, as well as field experience and/or equivalent formal training such as Fiber Optics 1-2-3 or Utilities Level 1 Technician.

Course Length

4 hours of classroom learning and 12 hours of hands-on training

Course Content

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