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IMG_0019.JPGThe expansion of FTTH installations worldwide have led to a skilled workforce shortage in some regions. Light Brigade continues to support our customers by offering the training they need in all aspects of this market. Our three FTTx specific courses cover knowledge and skills training for everyone from staff engineers to network designers to field personnel. These courses provide training and certification opportunities for staff members involved in all aspects of FTTx projects. Whether your personnel are part of the planning and justification process, designing networks, or installing and maintaining your links, Light Brigade has the course they need. We can give your staff the knowledge, skills, and professional development path they need to get the job done right.

FTTx for Installers and Technicians

For those requiring hands-on skills, this four-day course was developed specifically for you. You’ll gain an understanding of all aspects of FTTx and gain practical skills handling products, installing and testing the physical layer for active Ethernet and passive optical networks.  Learn more

Certified Fiber to the Home Professional (CFHP)

Gain familiarity with FTTH architecture, network design, deployment technology, and operational skills. The content covers everything from FTTx components to systems, and includes a discussion of the business issues involved when planning FTTx systems.  Learn more

FTTx OSP Design

Learn to engineer FTTH network field configurations, design benchmarks, and installation parameters for various building configurations for either PON or active Ethernet systems. You'll create your own FTTx network designs in classroom breakout sessions, applying the learned objectives to distributed split, centralized split, home run, and point-to-point systems.  Learn More