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Reduce Expensive Truck Rolls With Cost Effective Training

Your organization's bottom line is impacted every time skilled technicians are dispatched into the field. Truck rolls for new installations or service upgrades generate revenue, but truck rolls to correct avoidable issues are lost revenue opportunities.

Industry analysts estimate the average cost of a truck roll to be between $150 to $600 depending on variables like travel distance, road and weather conditions, labor regulations, and administrative costs. The Technology Service Association reports that the realistic, fully-burdened costs can exceed $1,000 due to the growing complexity of technical issues that require field staff to have more training on a wider range of technology platforms.

To determine what an average truck roll is costing your organization; calculate the costs of your labor, vehicles, and lost opportunities.

  • Labor = wages, benefits, administrative costs, and other employee expenses

  • Vehicles = fuel, maintenance, insurance, and depreciation

  • Lost opportunities = downtime when technicians are not involved in revenue-generating activities

What if you could eliminate just a few truck rolls a month because the service call was successful the first time? You can! By investing in Light Brigade’s comprehensive training, you provide your technicians with the skills and knowledge they need to get the job done right for you the first time. A trained technical workforce will problem solve and troubleshoot in the field; eliminating the need for a return trip.

Be sure that every dollar you spend on a truck roll is a revenue-generating activity. Check out our instructor-led classes and online courses. Is it more convenient for us to come to you? Ask how we can bring our training to your location or even customize a course for your unique training needs.


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