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The Growing Trend to High Fiber Count Cables?

Deployments of 1,728 and 3,456 fiber cables are growing rapidly? They are used in everything from Hyperscale data centers to long-haul backbones. These ultra/super high count cables present lots of opportunities and perhaps a few challenges along the way. Today’s cable designs using standard flat and newer collapsible ribbons, along with options using 200um coated fibers, are providing new opportunities for high-density applications in a very small cable package. We have seen 1728 fiber cables with an outer diameter under 0.90 inches with several options right around the 1” diameter size. These space-saving options require a little training and practice for handling and managing all those fibers, binders, and new identification markings. They can provide significant savings in installation and splicing times, making some front-end training worthwhile.


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