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John Dron


John Dron has 25 years of industry experience working as a technician, consultant, instructor, and project manager. The CIA, FBI, NSA, United Nations, and White House Communications Agency (WHCA) are a few of the organizations he has trained.

John is the co-chair of two BICSI sub-committees, the Outside Plant Installation Standards, and the Fiber and Inspection Standards. He enjoys working with fiber because he believes it is leading the way into the future. His areas of expertise include outside and inside plant, copper, and fiber and holds certifications from BICSI in RCDD, OSP, TECH, and CT as well as ETA certifications in FOI, FOT-OSP, and FTAA.

John lives for his students ‘lightbulb’ moments when they understand a concept, theory, or procedure that they have been wanting or needing to understand. When not illuminating the world of fiber, John is managing his side hustles TerraTech Fiber Services and Bluestar Fiber Services. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, archery, Legos, and racing on dirt tracks especially the World of Outlaws Sprint Car racing. He has a soft spot for American Pit Bull Terriers (APBT) and believes you can’t put enough pig on pizza-loving bacon and pepperoni!

Learn more about John by checking out his blog posts about working in Thule Air Force Base in Greenland and the tunnels beneath Chicago.