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Tips on Inner Housing

Some insight when it comes to changing a connector supplier….. let’s discuss a single-mode SC connector first for example:

Starting from the point that the SC is an industry-standard connector, everyone knows that it is standardized on the connection point, meaning that all other areas like the inner housing, ferrule size and ferrule shape, housing color, backside, and strain relief boot are custom to the manufacturer.

From Our FOC TIPS Series:

Inner Housing: most of today’s SC connectors are the ‘one-piece’ design which is an assembly of ferrule inner housing and backside. Often are the outer-housing, crimp sleeve, and strain relief boot in bulk packages separately provided. The traditional multi-piece design consists of more piece parts, like separate ferrule and spring and offers more flexibility. Customers can select various ferrule diameters as well as different connector backsides to accommodate bare fiber or different cables. Some of these connectors allows the ability for tuning.

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Answered by Fiber Optic Center Technical Team

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