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Broadband Fiber Optic Technician

Level 1

This foundational level instructor-led course is comprised of a two-day introduction to broadband FTTH theory and fiber followed by two days of hands-on skills training to apply that theory to practical tasks. Areas of focus are FTTH and PON methodologies, topologies, optical distribution networks, cable management and installation practices, testing and maintenance, optical cable types, connectorization, splicing methods, and safety best practices.


Audience: This comprehensive learning track is aimed at field technicians, installers, designers, and engineers who are new to fiber or new to broadband FTTH.

Prerequisite: Completing the prerequisite Fiber Foundations online short course will prepare learners to enter this class with a basic understanding of fiber optic principles.

"This course has been a tremendous help to repair existing fiber in our networks and facilitating any additional installs and other projects in the future."


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