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Air Blown Fiber for Installers & Technicians Training

ABF for Installers and Technicians

Training Course

This four-day, foundational/intermediate level, instructor-led course focuses on air-blown fiber construction, installation, and maintenance practices.


Aimed at anyone working with air-blown fiber, the course starts with a review of fiber basics before getting into the details of micro-duct pathways and installation, tooling and consumables, different types of air blown cable and units, setting up blowing machines, pre‑blow tests, blowing of cable, and troubleshooting. The course explores not only point‑to-point blowing, but special conditions blowing such as maintenance loops, over-blowing, tandem, onward, and center blowing techniques.


Various interactive exercises will be incorporated into the two-day theory part of the course to prepare students for the more in-depth hands-on skills portion of the course that will follow on days three and four.  

Audience: Installers, OSP technicians, field supervisors, project managers, and designers

Prerequisite: Fiber Foundations and either Fiber Optics 1-2-3 or OSP for Installers and Technicians is recommended, but not required.

"This course has been a tremendous help to repair existing fiber in our networks and facilitating any additional installs and other projects in the future."


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