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Certified Optical Network Engineer

Training Course

Certified Optical Network Engineer Training Course is a five-day instructor-led course that examines how to meet the fast-evolving challenges of increasing capacity, reach, and flexibility, controlling latency, migrating to open/ interoperable systems, and providing quality service. All of this while keeping costs under control and reducing power consumption. Attendees will learn how the combination of coherent transmission and digital signal processing has transformed optical communications at the higher data rates of 100 – 800Gb/s; and about the changes necessary to implement DWDM systems for operating efficiently at data rates of 400Gb/s and above. 

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Is this the right course for you and your team?

The CONE course is designed for those dealing with demanding applications for optical network applications including subsea links,  core networks, cloud and CDN applications, Data centre interconnects, financial networks and some national and educational research networks. The range of job roles that need a solid understanding of optical networks is increasing. You may already be working with optical networks and need to take some time to focus on making sense of all the new developments that you have been hearing about, to help you decide how to take your network forward. Or you may be an IP specialist who is finding that you now need to know about optical networks, due to the trend towards network disaggregation. Or you may even be a software engineer involved in supporting SDN and finding that you need to know more about optical networks.

Typical job roles of attendees include: Optical Network Engineer, Optical Network Design Engineer, Optical Network architect, Network Architect – DWDM/Optical, Core network designer, Design & Implementation Engineer: DWDM & WAN, Strategic network planner, Optical Transport Designer/Engineer Specialist, Transmission system engineer, IP network Specialist, SDN Engineer, Software Development Engineer for SDN Projects.

"This course has been a tremendous help to repair existing fiber in our networks and facilitating any additional installs and other projects in the future."


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