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The Light Brigade Fiber Optics

In-Person Training

For over 35 years Light Brigade has offered worldwide, state-of-the-art, instructor-led, certified fiber optic training courses and hands-on skills training for industry professionals. Light Brigade has trained over 80,000 technicians, installers, engineers, designers, and other support staff from a variety of industries worldwide, equipping them with the skills required to move forward in their careers.

With the high demand and need for Fiber Optic Training, at Light Brigade, we provide scheduled training courses throughout the United States and Canada. 

In addition to our scheduled training courses, we also offer specialty and custom training options that are specifically tailored to meet your businesses unique needs and requirements.

Custom Training Course Benefits


Custom Training Courses


Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Need training on something more unique or specific to your business?  

Light Brigade can work with you to custom develop a course that meets your precise needs and then deliver it at your location. 

"This course has been a tremendous help to repair existing fiber in our networks and facilitating any additional installs and other projects in the future."


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