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Level 2

This intermediate level course is comprised of four days of blended advanced broadband theory topics and practical hands-on skills to apply the theoretical principles into real-world field practices. It is aimed at those that have completed BFOT Level 1 and are ready to build upon that knowledge to gain a deeper and expanded mastery of FTTH broadband theory and skills.


Areas of focus are standards and codes, advanced topologies and methodologies, active and passive devices, ODN and FTTB installation, testing and troubleshooting, as well as expanding upon the fiber theory areas covered in BFOT Level 1.


Audience: More details coming soon

Prerequisite: Broadband Fiber Optic Technician Level 1

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Course Dates Coming Soon

"Dieser Kurs war eine enorme Hilfe bei der Reparatur bestehender Glasfasern in unseren Netzwerken und erleichtert alle zusätzlichen Installationen und anderen Projekte in der Zukunft."


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