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Certified Optical Network Associate

Weltweite Partner

Training Course

This five-day instructor-led course examines how to design, plan, and implement cost-effective, high-speed networks from single channel systems to multiple channel options using CWDM and DWDM. Attendees will work together on interactive design projects to establish requirements for proper system performance and determine how the network can be affected by the properties of the physical infrastructure.


Audience: Optical network managers, planners, and project managers


Prerequisite: None. Knowledge of fiber theory and basic network engineering concepts. CONA is required for those interested in taking CONE

Is this the right course for you and your team?

This is a great course for those that need a broad foundation of knowledge of optical communications networks. It suits telecoms job roles such as optical network planner, optical network operations staff, WAN Service Engineer, data center operations engineer, and optical communications or fiber optic specialists for data centers. It is an ideal course for project teams to attend together as it promotes understanding of different roles in the process and the case study and assignment encourage discussion. It is a foundation for progression to the Certified Optical Network Engineer (CONE) course.

"Dieser Kurs war eine enorme Hilfe bei der Reparatur bestehender Glasfasern in unseren Netzwerken und erleichtert alle zusätzlichen Installationen und anderen Projekte in der Zukunft."


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