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Gary Klingele


Gary Klingele has over 40 years of experience working as an electronics technician performing installations, troubleshooting, emergency restorations, and inspections. His professional background includes the installation and maintenance of fiber optic voice, video, and data communications networks. He has also worked with microwave, two-way VHF & UHF radio systems and control, security, and video systems.

After retiring in 2013 and began teaching because he loves helping others learn the ins and outs of working with fiber optics. Gary has an Associate of Applied Science in Electronics Technology (AASET), is certified as an ETA Fiber Optic Installer/Administrator, a UTC Fiber Optic Professional Technician, and Fiber Optic Professional Designer, a NARTE Master Technician, and an FCC GROL certification with RADAR endorsement.

In his spare time, Gary enjoys flying as a private pilot and spending time in the great outdoors hunting, skiing, hiking, and camping.

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