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Light Brigade Certified Fiber Characterization Engineer

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Training Course

This is a five-day advanced course that focuses on the outcome, rather than the process. In addition to testing the fiber, fiber characterization is a well defined (ITU G.650.3) term that means conducting a comprehensive suite of tests on an installed link to assess its quality and ability to support specific applications over specified distances.


Audience: Advanced optical network managers, designers, and architects.

Prerequisite: Previous experience with fiber optics and knowledge of OTDR testing

Is this the right course for you and your team?

In today's demanding telecoms arena it can be critical to be able to show the true performance capability of installed fiber links. Many factors can impair system performance. As a fiber provider, you may need to be able to prove that your long distance fiber infrastructure can support high data rate applications, as well as extended wavelength range operation for DWDM and CWDM systems. As a customer you may need to be able to analyse and assess test and reporting data provided to you, so that you can be certain your systems will run reliably.

The CFCE course will enable you to recognise why different tests are required and what information they should provide as well as how to carry them out. This course assumes that you have some previous experience of basic OTDR testing, but provides advanced OTDR training as well as CD and PMD training. It suits job roles such as: fiber optic test engineer; fiber optic test technician, optical fiber technical support; fiber optic test analyst; fiber network network project supervisor.

"Ce cours a été d'une aide précieuse pour réparer la fibre existante dans nos réseaux et faciliter toute installation supplémentaire et d'autres projets à l'avenir."


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