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Larry Wheeler


Larry has been an instructor and technician for the Light Brigade for 16 years. He has an Associate of Applied Sciences and numerous certifications including FOI, FOI-OSP, and IMSA Fiber Technician levels 1-3. His areas of expertise are testing fibers, OTDRs, OLTs, fiber characterization, and PMD testing and splicing and cable management.

Understanding the advancements in technology that allow for ever-increasing bandwidth is important to Larry. He enjoys the challenge of working with students to help them understand the ever-evolving medium of fiber optics. When not keeping pace with technology, he likes spending time with family and friends, boating, snowmobiling, knife making, and leatherwork.

Creating new projects in leather, wood, and metal is a favorite pastime for Larry. When he wants to enjoy a good tech movie his favorite is Enemy of the State and his go-to pizza toppings are bacon, jalapeno, and ham.

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