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Why Isn’t There One Standard Polishing Process?


Why isn’t there one standard polishing process?


Here’s a key reason why we don’t have one standard polishing process: Single-fiber and multi-fiber ferrules are composed of different materials and have different shapes, diameters, hardness, and tolerances.

Here are two quick examples:

  • Single-fiber ferrules are often pre-shaped with either a flat surface or a conical tip (with various conical angles like 45-60 degrees) and pre-domed, or even pre-angled and pre-domed.

  • Zirconia ferrules are available in several diameters: 2.5mm, 1.58mm, 1.25mm, and 1.0mm.

Compounding this, there are many different connector components with considerations such as spring force and dimensional tolerances. For single fiber connectors, the most common material is ceramic, yet some are stainless steel. Multifiber ferrules are made of a type of plastic (a glass-filled polymer). READ THE FULL BLOG ARTICLE HERE: Why isn’t there one standard polishing procedure?

Answered by Fiber Optic Center Technical Team

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