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Phil Shoemaker

over 24 years of experience

Phil Shoemaker has been a member of our training team since 2000. Within the field of fiber optics, he has designed, installed, and maintained fiber optic voice, video, and data communications networks and has worked with troubleshooting and emergency restorations. He has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electronic Engineering Technology and is certified as an ETA Installer/Administrator, NARTE Technician Class III, FOA CFOT, and CFOS/I, IMSA Fiber Optics for ITS Level 1 and FCC GROL Certification.

Treating everyone equally and knowing there will always be someone smarter than you, in other words, do not act like you are the smartest person in the room, has been Phil’s approach to teaching and life. He believes that in the world of fiber technology you can never stop learning.

Phil grew up in Washington but is now a proud Texan! He loves traveling for pleasure with his wife and seeing the world through other cultures. Their motto is we work to live and if Phil did not have to work, he would be hanging out in his garage or by the pool. The Matrix is his favorite tech movie and meat, and more meat tops his pizza.

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