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COVID-19 Response for Instructor-led Training Classes

(Effective May 4, 2020, until further notice)

The health and safety of our customers and staff is our top priority. To that end, we have implemented the following rules and guidelines for our instructor-led classes until the COVID-19 pandemic has been fully resolved.

  • Instructors have been trained to maintain good workplace hygiene: washing hands properly and frequently, using hand sanitizer when soap is unavailable, covering coughs and sneezes with arms/sleeves, and wearing a mask during training sessions.

  • Our scheduling staff requires hotels and businesses where we hold training to ensure they take precautions within their facility and commit to cleaning our training areas at our mid-day break and after class each day. This will include wiping all surfaces with disinfectant.

  • Student seating during the classroom/presentation part of classes will be spread out within the space to assure a minimum of 6 feet between each person.

  • Classes will have a maximum of 7 students and one instructor until regional guidance for larger gatherings is changed to allow for more than 10 people.

  • Light Brigade will provide each student with a disposable mask and encourage everyone to wear it during class time. At a minimum, the masks will be mandatory during lab time.

  • There should be no gathering closely in groups during breaks. There should be no shaking hands. Keep the 6-foot distance as much as possible.

  • Hot beverage services (coffee and tea) will be suspended to reduce touchpoints and staff having to enter the room often. Please plan accordingly and bring your own coffee and snacks. We will provide individual (disposable) bottles of water and cans of soda.

  • Instructors will be required to wear a cloth or disposable mask during lab sessions.

  • Each class will have a bottle of hand sanitizer available, and everyone will be encouraged to use this often.

  • Disposable gloves will be provided for all lab sessions. These should be removed and/or replaced each time anyone leaves/returns to the classroom.

  • Gear used in class labs will be wiped down during and after lab work and between each student using it.

  • Students will be asked to space out as much as possible during labs and gear will be provided to allow as much separation as is feasible while still getting the training and experience required.

  • Cameras have been added to allow instructor demonstrations to be shown on a screen and not require students to gather closely to observe.

  • Anyone exhibiting any flu-like symptoms is asked to stay home. Students who arrive with any COVID-19-related symptoms will be asked to leave. When in doubt, take your temperature before going to class. Do not attend a class if you have a fever.

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