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Fiber Optic Training - Train to Retrain & Gain

Baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, are the largest generation in US history. As they continue their mass exodus from the workforce, organizations face a staggering loss of skills and knowledge. The common term to describe the shortage of experienced workers and the growing talent gap is ‘brain drain’. Many companies report they are ill-prepared to deal with the baby boomer brain drain and few have succession plans in place to address this rapid loss of knowledge.

Complicating the situation is that today's jobs are much different than they were a generation ago. Evolving and increasingly complex network technologies require new skills and employees who have the right knowledge to problem solve. The demand for wireless infrastructure is outpacing the industry’s existing labor pool of trained technology professionals, engineers, and field technicians. Companies are struggling to fill open positions with qualified applicants.

A simple solution to address ‘brain drain’ and the shrinking labor pool is to ensure your workforce is trained and prepared to tackle today’s digital transformation. A trained workforce will perform more efficiently, make fewer mistakes and solve problems before they get worse. Trained employees feel empowered, valued, motivated, and are more invested in their company, thereby staying put at a higher rate. In addition, training and developing your workforce strengthens your company’s reputation - making it easier to attract and retain new employees.

With the skilled workforce gap growing and technology advancing at a record pace, doesn’t it make sense to invest in training? Developing your employees today pays off in a big way tomorrow.

Light Brigade has trained more than 60,000 technicians, installers, engineers, designers, and other support staff worldwide, in a variety of industries since 1987. Our highly respected instructors combined with our comprehensive, relevant courses, will help your staff get the job done right.

*Check out our upcoming classes and online courses - or ask how to bring our training to you. *Don’t see exactly what you need? *We can customize a course for your unique training needs. Email:

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