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First Official Telegraph Message Makes it Across the Atlantic Ocean

In Honor of National Inventors Month, Light Brigade will be featuring a series of some of the "greatest" inventions

that shaped modern society and the ways in which we "communicate" past, present, and future.

On August 16, 1858, Queen Victoria sends the first official telegraph message across the Atlantic Ocean from London to United States President James Buchanan, in Washington D.C. Transmission of the congratulatory message begins at 10:50 am and won’t be completed until 4:30 am the next day, taking nearly eighteen hours to reach Newfoundland, Canada. Ninety-nine words, containing five hundred nine letters, are transmitted at a rate of about two minutes per letter. The message is forwarded from Newfoundland via above-ground wires, across the Cabot Strait by submarine cable to Aspy Bay in Cape Breton, and across eastern Canada and Maine, via Boston to New York by an overhead wire.

"Communication" is an essential tool in today's modern society. The ways in which we are able to communicate are continuously improving, expanding, and transforming modern society as we know it on a daily basis.

The installation of fiber optic cables that transmits "communication data" via fast traveling pulses of light, is a direct "connection" and "method" that expedites our communication services worldwide.

Fiber Optics is the future link that will improve the ways in which we send and receive "communication data."

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