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Introduction to Air Blown Fiber Training

Light Brigade is excited to announce its newest training course - Introduction to Air Blown Fiber Training

Light Brigade's Introduction to Air Blown Fiber Training Course is aimed at anyone interested in learning the basics of air blown fiber technology or those that have recently purchased blowing equipment and want to learn how and why to use it.

This course serves as an introductory level course focused on installation, maintenance, and machine operation. The two days will be a mix of theory and hands-on exercises that relate to the learned theory. Subjects covered will be an overview of air blown fiber technology to include terminology, components and equipment, best practices, setup, teardown, safety, communication, and various blowing methods and techniques. Hands-on exercises will include calculating fill ratios, duct and microduct joining, proper lubrication methods, duct cleaning, and preparation tests, as well as machine setup and blowing microcables and fiber units.

The primary focus of the content is aimed at OSP/FTTx installations; however, the basic principles can be applied equally to indoor applications and campus installations. This course will be taught by a field application engineer and is best suited to be delivered at a Light Brigade Academy or your facility.

This course will also serve as a preparatory measure for the soon-to-be-released four-day instructor-led ABF for Installers and Technicians class.

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