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Invention of Frequency Hopping, "Secret Communication System"

In Honor of National Inventors Month, Light Brigade will be featuring a series of some of the "greatest" inventions

that shaped modern society and the ways in which we "communicate" past, present, and future.

On August 11, 1942, famous Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil's invented a "secret communication system," called, frequency hopping.

Frequency hopping reduces the risk of detection or jamming of radio-controlled torpedoes. Multiple radio frequencies were used to broadcast a radio signal, switching frequencies at split-second intervals in a seemingly random manner that would sound like mere noise to anyone listening. It's a method that protects radio communications from enemy lines by switching frequencies in a pre-programmed pattern. Both the sender and receiver know the order of switches, so they can maintain constant connection without compromising their location.

"Communication" is an essential tool in today's modern society. The ways in which we are able to communicate are continuously improving, expanding, and transforming modern society as we know it on a daily basis.

The installation of fiber optic cables that transmits "communication data" via fast traveling pulses of light, is a direct "connection" and "method" that expedites our communication services worldwide.

Fiber Optics is the future link that will improve the ways in which we send and receive "communication data."

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