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Tips on key specifications of connectors

The connector’s specifications dictate the quality of its performance and long-term reliability. That’s why it’s imperative to purchase high-quality connectors. Lower-quality connectors with lax tolerances can lead to optical performance issues such as high Insertion Loss, low Return Loss, and non-repeatable results. Lower-quality connectors can also invite a host of mechanical issues.

Whether you’re buying single mode connectors or multi-mode connectors, you want the best measurement tolerances possible for the following connector specifications:

  • Ferrule hole diameter – The ferrule is arguably the most important component in a fiber optic connector. For minimum Insertion Loss, you should use the tightest-tolerance ferrule hole diameter available.

  • Ferrule hole concentricity – The shape of the ferrule’s hole bore must be round. If not, you have ferrule hole eccentricity: an egg-shaped or oblong hole, which will not hold an optic fiber in perfect alignment and will degrade the performance of the connector. Ferrule hole concentricity is measured inside diameter to outside diameter (ID to OD).

  • Ferrule hole to outside diameter (OD) – The hole in the ferrule must be perfectly centered. If not, the fiber it holds cannot be properly centered and aligned. This is why it’s important to purchase ferrules with exacting tolerances.

At Fiber Optic Center, Inc., we encourage our customers to purchase quality connectors that offer the tightest tolerances for ferrule hole diameter, ferrule hole concentricity, and ferrule hole to outside diameter. When your fiber optic cable assembly house uses connectors that meet stringent measurements tolerances, you are positioned to build world-class fiber optic cable assemblies that deliver performance and long-term reliability.

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Answered by Fiber Optic Center Technical Team

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