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August - National Inventors Month

Some of the greatest inventions throughout history were patented in August, summer's hottest month. In 1998, to commemorate the rich history of patents and promote innovation and creativity, the United Inventors Association, the Academy of Applied Science, and Inventors Digest magazine joined together and officially named August "National Inventors Month."

This August Light Brigade is focusing on the inventors and inventions that have historically made an impact on the fiber optic industry, where we are today, and where the future of fiber optics is going.

Did you know?

Since 1987 Light Brigade has trained over 75,000 students, equipping them with the skills required to move forward in their careers.

At Light Brigade we provide a wide range of industry-leading fiber optic training courses, as well as, offer specialty and custom training courses to fit customers' specific training needs.

In addition to our training courses, we have partnered with leading industry bodies to provide certification, including Fiber Broadband Association, ETA International, Utilities Technology Council, and continuing education credits through BICSI.

Our Hands-on Training Courses Include:

  • Fiber Optics 1-2-3

  • Advanced Outside Plant Technician

  • OTDR & Testing Deep Dive

  • Fiber Optics For Utilities

  • Fiber Optic For Wireless

  • FTTX Outside Plant Design

  • Certified Fiber to the Home Professional

  • FTTX For Installers & Technicians

  • Emergency Restoration

  • Fiber Optics For Enterprise Networks

  • Fiber Characterization

  • Fiber Characterization Fundamentals

  • Certified Fiber Characterization Engineer

  • Fiber Optics For Oil & Gas

  • Fiber Optics For Mining

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Certified Optical Network Associate

  • Certified Optical Network Engineer

  • Pro AV & Broadcast

Our Online Training Courses Include:

  • Remote - Online FO 1-2-3 Training

  • Remote - Online FTTx OSP DESIGN Training

  • Online Certified Fiber to the Home Professional Training

  • Online Fiber Foundations Training

  • Online Single-mode Technology Training

  • Online Fiber Optic Safety Training

  • Online Staff Development Training

Interested in Fiber Optic Training or want to learn more about our Specialty and Custom Training Courses for your company or team?

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