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Fiber Optic Solutions to a More Eco-Friendly Environment

In celebration of Earth Day, at Light Brigade we want to also celebrate how Fiber Optics plays a positive role in the environment today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Not only have fiber optic networks long been recognized as the most efficient, reliable means for transmitting information, but it has also been a proven method of utilizing fewer resources required to deploy and maintain fiber optic networks.

According to a QPC Environmental Impact Study, the use of fiber optic cables over other kinds of cables offers many benefits to the environment. It is a long-lasting solution that requires less energy and reduces the release of Greenhouse gasses. Fiber optic cabling is the more sustainable option, particularly when subject to natural disasters and harsh environments. Its less susceptible to degrading as a result of heavy moisture, freezing, and electric interference. It is also far more eco-conscious than copper or wire methods of deployment.

The future of fiber is even more promising with the deployment of air blown fiber systems. Air blown fiber systems offer various advantages over traditional fiber systems, including reduced material and installation costs with faster installation times, fewer fiber connection points, decreased number of splices, simplified repair and maintenance, and a migration path for future evolving applications.

The future of fiber is bright and so is its light that connects us all!
Interested in taking our Introduction to Air Blown Fiber Training Course?

Light Brigade has recently released a two-day Introduction to Air Blown Fiber course aimed at anyone interested in learning the basics of air blown fiber technology or those that have recently purchased blowing equipment and want to learn how and why to use it. This course will also serve as a preparatory measure for the soon-to-be-released four-day instructor-led ABF for Installers and Technicians course.

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