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Fiber Optics 1-2-3 Remote Training

This virtual, instructor-led course provides a fundamental understanding of fiber optics that is perfect for those new to fiber or those looking to enhance their current knowledge base.

We've taken our two days of classroom time and broken them into four half-day sessions, making it easier than ever to get the knowledge you need.

Without the inconvenience and expense of travel, remote students will gain a solid understanding of fiber technology, network components, and equipment.

In addition to receiving valuable insights from our senior instructor, students will have access to a technologist who will be answering questions in real time.

Two days of hands-on skills training can be added later to develop cable preparation, termination, splicing, and testing skills and to qualify for ETA certification.

Since 1987, Light Brigade has trained more than 80,000 technicians, installers, engineers, designers, and other support staff worldwide in a variety of industries. Light Brigade’s instructor-led, online, and custom classes focus on fiber optic installation, testing, troubleshooting, and engineering design. Courses include specialty applications like FTTx, utilities, wireless backbone, industrial, and more. Light Brigade works with partners across the globe to obtain equipment for our vendor-agnostic skills training and is a trusted resource for fiber optic tools, consumables, and gear.

👨🏽‍🏫 Interested in Fiber Optic Training or want to learn more about our Specialty and Custom Training Courses for your company or team?

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