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The Benefits of Light Brigade Digital Credentialing

A picture is worth a thousand words! That is why we have partnered with Credly to provide Light Brigade-accredited learners with an easy way to share their fiber optic credentials.

A Light Brigade digital badge shows the world you have earned the knowledge and skills from a respected credible source.

Our Light Brigade Fiber Optic Training Courses and Digital Credentialing range from foundational, to intermediate, to advanced.

Some of the great benefits of digital credentialing are that it is secure and verifiable, offers a digital wallet, and gives visible awareness, and market insights.

• Unlike paper certificates, digital credentials cannot be forged or manipulated

• Digital Credentialing can easily be verified by anyone, anywhere, anytime

• Your digital credentials are stored all in one convenient place

• Share your digital badges on social media, email signature, resume, and additional documents

• Market Insights gives you access to current job openings, salary ranges, related skills, and more

A badge gives you a way to share your abilities online in a way that is simple, trusted, and can be easily verified in real-time.

Accepting and sharing your Light Brigade Digital Badge is the first step towards unlocking your career-enhancing opportunities offered by Credly.

1.) After your class is complete you will receive an email from

2.) Click the link in the email to create your Credly account and accept your digital badge(s)

3.) All of your credentials will be stored in your digital wallet for easy retrieval

4.) Share your success on social media and add it to your email signature

5.) Download your printable Certificate of Completion in PDF format

6.) Register for other Light Brigade classes to earn an Expert Shield

Check out our additional videos to get the most out of your Credly account and to level up in your career!

Since 1987, Light Brigade has trained more than 80,000 technicians, installers, engineers, designers, and other support staff worldwide in various industries. Light Brigade’s instructor-led, online, and custom classes focus on fiber optic installation, testing, troubleshooting, and engineering design. Courses include specialty applications like FTTx, utilities, wireless backbone, industrial, and more. Light Brigade works with partners across the globe to obtain equipment for our vendor-agnostic skills training and is a trusted resource for fiber optic tools, consumables, and gear.

👨🏽‍🏫 Interested in Fiber Optic Training or want to learn more about our Specialty and Custom Training Courses for your company or team?

(800) 451-7128

*Legal Disclaimer(s): Credly name and logo are the property of Credly used with permission. Light Brigade CFOE and Light Brigade Certified Fiber Optic Expert are trademarks of The Light Brigade Inc.


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