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Light Brigade Releases Re-Vamped OTDR Testing & Deep Dive Course

Kent, WA - November 10, 2022 - Light Brigade, the longest-established fiber optic training company in the United States, continues development of its courses with the release of the newly-improved “OTDR Testing Deep Dive Workshop”. Featuring a mix of measurement theory and hands-on practical skills exercises, the entire two-day workshop has been redesigned to take an in-depth look at every aspect of OTDR testing.

“We took one of our most popular courses and updated it from beginning to end. We challenged the adage ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ and made it even better.” stated Light Brigade’s Technical Director, Sean Kelly, RCDD, CFHP. “We consulted with industry experts to make sure that this revamped course was nothing less than best in class. Many people own and use OTDRs, yet most are not confident on proper setup and operation, or accurate interpretation of results. Our goal is to make anyone using an OTDR entirely confident in what they are doing via a blend of theory and hands-on training.”

Light Brigade's OTDR Testing Deep Dive Workshop is aimed at field technicians with previous fiber experience who require a broader range of testing and fault-finding skills, the course will teach attendees how to operate an OTDR more effectively to drive the most accurate possible testing results. The OTDR Testing Deep Dive Workshop is also suitable for supervisory personnel who need to accurately interpret OTDR results and pinpoint faults in real-time to efficiently direct their team for field repairs, reducing downtime and operating costs. The revised course content includes:

· The fundamentals of light and fiber in optical transmission systems

· Best practices for inspecting connector endfaces

· The basics of optical testing, optical loss, and power budgets

· The theory behind OTDRs and test set configurations

· How to differentiate between testing methods for dedicated testers and OTDRs

· Key setup parameters and the role of each in the testing process

· Potential challenges during operation and testing

· Proper OTDR setup to achieve optimal test results under varying conditions

· Event signatures and their relation to real-world issues

· Reading and extracting useful data from event tables

· Analysis and interpretation of OTDR traces

· Trace processing and storage using vendor software

The OTDR Deep Dive Workshop features multiple instructor-led lab exercises that provide attendees with practical experience with an actual OTDR in simulated network setups. Attendees will characterize various fiber route lengths and applications through every step of the process from file naming to post-processing.

Each attendee who successfully completes the OTDR Testing Deep Dive Workshop will receive a digital web-based badge through our partner, Credly. Students can share their accomplishments visually on social media, on web pages, and in email signature lines. The digital badge will contain metadata that describes their accreditation and the process required to earn it.

The New OTDR Testing Deep Dive Workshop will launch in 2023 in cities around the United States, including Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, Seattle, and more. A full listing of upcoming course locations and dates are available at

About Light Brigade:

Since 1987, Light Brigade has trained 75,000+ students in courses ranging from basic fiber optic theory and practices to comprehensive design and installation courses. We are not just theory-based. Our hands-on labs reflect real-world work scenarios, providing the practical training needed to improve operational efficiencies by reducing costly errors. Our diverse team of trainers allows us to ensure the right instructor is leading the right course where their industry knowledge and experience can be leveraged. We work with our industry veteran instructors to tailor programs for technicians, installers, engineers, designers, and other support staff from a variety of industries. We offer several routes for training and can tailor any program to suit your needs.

To learn more information about this course and other Light Brigade training, visit:

E: P: (800) 451-7128


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